Faces of Le Physique – Meet Jessie

Sure it may be during COVID times, but we guarantee Jessie is smiling under her mask when she greets you. Get to know her a little better!


Q: What do you do and how long have you been involved in the industry (go ahead and include sports or volunteering etc)?

A: Growing up I have always been an active kid, involving myself in many different sports (volleyball, ultimate frisbee, skating, dance, etc) but never getting the chance to dive deeper in a specific area. Because of this, I thought that maybe being active was not something that I was “good” at. It took me a while to realize that just because you do not have a specialized set of skills, does not mean you can’t work towards it. I decided to study Kinesiology about 2 years ago because the workings of the human body always fascinated me. I have been involved with a First Response Team in university and have taught injury preventive exercises to high school league Ultimate Frisbee teams in the summer. All these experiences led me to Le Physique, where I am starting my first co-op term as a Client Care Manager and Cardio Trainer.


Q: What inspired you to do what you do?

A: I was inspired to do what I do through a Standard First Aid course I took in my first year of University. The amount of knowledge I gained, not only about handling injuries but about the workings of my own body, motivated me to learn more. I view the classes I take now as opportunities to learn more about my body and how it works. It’s even more exciting for me to apply the material I learn and help educate others on how they can take care of themselves.


Q: What are your favourite things about fitness / Kinesiology?

A: My favourite thing about fitness / Kinesiology is the progress that one can make through a few changes in their daily habits. To see that the things we learn about the human body actually works when applied properly and to see the body adapt to the conditions we set for it.


Q: Outside of work, where can people most often find you?

A: People can find me with my family probably doubled over laughing about the most random things.


Q: Favourite hobby?

A: I recently found out that I really enjoy knitting and crocheting. It’s extremely therapeutic and essential to do during exam seasons at school (although I probably should be using the time spent on studying haha).


Q: What’s your favourite music

A: I never really grew up exposed to music so I am very socially unaware of what’s popular (I can only name the song’s played on the radio). If anyone has any suggestions though, I am all ears!

Q: What’s your favourite exercises?

A: I really like cross body lunges because it gets my heart rate going and makes my lower body feel stronger!


Q: What are 3 things people don’t know about you?


  • I’ve probably gotten all the colds and flus that have ever existed in my lifetime in Vancouver because I don’t remember a winter season that I was not sick.
  • The concept of time confuses and scares me.
  • My sister and I silent laugh like seals unfortunately…


Q: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A: A hairstylist! I remember cutting my little sister’s hair when I was 4…


Q: What’s your spirit animal?

A: A wolf because I would enjoy being part of a pack and taking care of as well as be taken care of by others.


Q: Favourite TV show?

A: I don’t really watch TV shows but I stumbled upon “Anne with an E” recently and I absolutely fell in love.

Q: If you could be on any reality TV show what would it be?

A: There is a Korean variety show called Running Man that I think would be so fun to be on.


Q: Celebrity crush?

A: Tom Holland


Q: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: Starting and finishing a good long book in a day.

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