Healthy Eats: Super Simple Taco Salad

Warmer weather has officially arrived in Vancouver! This is a great time for fresh crisp and still hearty salads to make an appearance on our dinner tables.

While we’re a little late for cinco de mayo – we debuted this super easy salad on May 5th. These are the typical ingredients we use, but feel free to add Spanish, sweet or green onions, hot peppers and whatever else you want. Enjoy!


Amount Prep

Romaine lettuce

1 head Washed and chopped

Corn *

½ can of niblets

Red pepper


Washed and chopped

Black beans

½ can


1…or 2…


Ground beef, or veggie ground round**

1 package




Raw or cooked, your choice

Optional: tortilla chips or nacho chips


Salsa As much as your heart desires


* When corn is in season, BBQ your cob and cut kernels off for your salad

** I don’t really like the veggie ground round sold in supermarkets, so I make a “rough mash” of chickpeas, chopped mushrooms and onions, cooked with BBQ sauce


1. Lay down a base of lettuce and top with all the ingredients listed.

2. Crumble tortilla chips on top and top with a few tablespoons of salsa.

3. We find this is a really easy crowd pleaser and leave the toppings in individual bowls (or the cans) with a spoon and let people serve themselves!

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