What do Mount Kilimanjaro and Ballroom in Vancouver have in common?

What do Mount Kilimanjaro and Ballroom in Vancouver have in common?

They were the basis of our party at Le Physique in June.  We want to take a moment and thank everyone for making this event a huge success.  Why did we have this party?  For several reasons, of course, which are listed below:

Firstly, it was an Appreciation party – the opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has supported us, starting with our clients, to health care practitioners like FORM Physiotherapy, to many other behind the scenes faces in Vancouver that help make our lives so excellent.

Secondly, any excuse to dance is a good one. As you may or may not know, our philosophy to fitness goes beyond lifting heavy weights, grunting and looking good.  It’s also about having FUN, moving your body and feeling great!  We wanted to make it a really unique event and asked Barney Lee, Vancouver ballroom dance teacher, to show all of us how to merengue! I asked him if he thought a ballroom dance lesson would be a good idea, or even possible at Le Physique, he said, “if you can count to 8, you can merengue!” Everyone that participated had so much fun – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.  That’s it! Now we’re grooving like the professionals. Thanks Barney – you truly are the best!

And last but not least, climbing the biggest mountain (or volcano) we can think of, and fundraising for “Ascent for Alzheimer’s.”   Train to Climb KilimanjaroTwo of our amazing clients, Jeff Beckman and Katherine Paton, that have taken on the challenge and adventure of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this year.  They’ve teamed up with Alzheimer’s society to raise $10,000 for research.  We have fun getting innovative with their Kilimanjaro training program (weighted vest, anyone?) – and they’re not our first clients to make the ascent!  From programs designed to train ankle and core stability, to endurance hikes and practice Grouse Grinds, it’s definitely for the adventurous spirited and bodied!

For more information on how to support Alzheimer’s research, or join the team and take on Kilimanjaro next year, check out this link:


How did we raise over $1000 in just one evening?

(a) Silent Auction 

We didn’t do it alone!  Remember those amazing behind the scenes people?  Well here are a few of them that donated the wonderful gift of dance:

Everybody Dance with Elaine (http://www.everybodydance.ca/)

Private Ballroom with Barney Lee

Sacred Erotic Dance with Devi Ward

Nia with Judy Cashmore (http://www.nianow.com/judy)

Get your sexy on with Tantra Fitness (http://www.tantrafitness.com)

and gear from Ladysport

(b) The Grand Finale: Train the Trainer

Amelia, the world’s most evil CSA in the history of Le Physique, was set to the task (which she clearly enjoyed) of “selling” time blocks for each trainer.  We were ruthlessly sold for a mere $20 per time spot (approximately 3-4 minutes) or clients could purchase TWO trainers for $35.  If she didn’t encourage every client to buy a spot, she most definitely talked to every soul in Kitsilano and Greater Vancouver to make this happen! Purchasers were allowed to pick an exercise for us to do during that time spot.  Now, initially, it was supposed to be “fun” or “funny” exercises like…a trainer eating a hamburger. However, we completely neglected the evil-ness of our clients (or maybe it was completely Amelia’s influence) to come up with the most absolutely horrific exercises.  Denise’s worst fears came true, when “3 minutes of straight burpees, with the BOSU and weighted vest” was given, immediately followed by more weighted vest burpees…

I love how our clients think we’re super strong, though.  As a female, I love chin ups, but one client thought that I MIGHT be able to perform 50 chin ups (full fledged, no cheating) in 3 minutes.  LOVE that!  Unfortunately it didn’t happen, but not for lack of trying!  So in only 30 minutes, the clients had bid on every single trainer, had us panting, sweating, dying or…nevermind.

Denise probably got the worst of the exercises, while Jeff was tasked with squatting with lacy underwear, Nic had to do clamshells with a thong, and Jerrad planked with neon undies on his head.  The oddest “exercises” were reverse lunges in heels and planking whilst eating gum drops and almonds (not a tasty combination). Michelle, our newest team member couldn’t figure out why everyone was being so mean to her. Luckily, we also got to enjoy Amelia joining in with frog hops and more burpees.  Heck, after this evening, I think we were ready to climb Kilimanjaro ourselves!  What do you say guys?


Jeff in underwear for his squats!

Namaste and happy training!  For photos of the event https://www.lephysique.com/train-the-trainer/ or to learn more about how YOU could make your Kilimanjaro or other fitness adventure dream come true, contact us at info@lephysique.com.

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