New Year’s Resolutions…AGAIN?

New Year's Resolution List

Hurray – the new year is upon us! I’m not sure how you feel about the concept of ringing in the “new year” but in the past I used to get really excited about a “fresh new start” and making resolutions stick. As I aged, these customs became a little less exciting (okay, to be honest I felt let down by the year, or would listen to others say, “Thank God that year is OVER” or “what a terrible year”) and I resolved never to make resolutions again. Fat chance on even that one sticking!

Make “resolutions” more fun

I am a hopeless romantic and I still enjoy playfully making resolutions, but in reality, it’s planning and growing. The difference now is that I actually enjoy the hubaloo associated with it! I’ll still play along when someone asks about resolutions and allow it to make goal setting a bit more fun (and if you know me, I love fun). We can use this time to bounce ideas off friends and colleagues,  see what they’ve put on their “to do” list and maybe borrow an idea or two (call is R and D). There are some great ones out there!

Instead of poo-pooing this time of year, make it fun and easy, and something you want to incorporate for the rest of your life.

Change “resolutions” into “actionable items”

If you’re a linear thinker and enjoy A + B + C = D logic, then replace the word resolution and insert “quarterly planning and goal setting” instead. Create a list of small steps you can start today, and do again tomorrow, and again the day after and the day after, to create momentum in building the healthy habit you want to have in your life. You’d be surprised how many small steps can add up to many miles.

So here is SMART Goal Setting exercise breakdown.

S = specific.

M = measurable.

A = action items.

R = realistic.

T = timeline.

If you like to want to see this formula in action, here are a few case studies to help you set up your own SMART goals. See if you can take all those great ideas and changes you resolved to start this year, and break them down into SMART goals and watch yourself make real change for the better.

Do you have a great idea that works for you to make resolutions stick? Share it below!


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