Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.)

Jumpstart Your Muscles

Regain Muscle Health and Return to Optimal Motion

Loss of healthy muscle contraction can cause pain, impaired motion, decreased performance capacity, and the loss of basic physical capabilities.

The loss can be very subtle, and you may not know the root of your problem until you are evaluated by a professional; which is where we come in.

Muscle Activation Techniques, or M.A.T. (not to be confused with mat Pilates) evaluates and helps muscle regain health, restores normal movement, and reestablishes function by balancing the muscular system. The system is formatted to “jumpstart” your muscles so they can function with maximum efficiency.

While M.A.T. is well-known in the United States and eastern Canada, there are only three M.A.T. Certified Specialists in Vancouver, and our very own Gillian Morrow is one of them. Gillian has helped everyone from professional athletes to local clients with neuropathies restore their normal muscle function so that they can return to optimal motion.

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“I can feel the changes in my body immediately, and have made more progress in two months than I have in the past ten years. I highly recommend Muscle Activation Techniques with Gillian to anyone with stubborn injuries or muscle imbalances and is looking for effective and lasting treatment that will allow them to finally restore and rehabilitate the body.”

Andrea Karr | M.A.T. Client

The Benefits

Beyond helping you restore your normal muscle function, M.A.T. can also help you:

  • Realign muscular imbalances
  • Address joint instability
  • Improve limitations in range of motion
  • Restore function and strengthen weak muscles

Balance Your Muscular System