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with Integrated Personal Training

Not “the gym”

In an industry saturated with choices, we put the focus back on what’s important: you

Le Physique is Vancouver’s only holistic personal training studio. We take an integrated and personalized approach to optimizing your health through fitness and exercise to position you for longevity.

Our mission is simple: to strengthen your body, from the inside out, in an environment that feels uniquely your own. 


Integrated Personal Training, Backed by Science and Led by a Team of Health and Fitness Specialists

Your time is precious. We don’t waste it. We give you everything that you need, and nothing that you don’t to give you an effective, targeted and profoundly personal training experience.

All you have to do is show up!

Exclusive 1:1 Training

Our unique training environment is private, discreet and tailored-to-you. It’s just you and your exercise specialist. They setup your equipment for you before you arrive, mentor and motivate you through each exercise, and provide you with exercise modifications (when you need them) to keep you safe and seeing results.

Smart Programming

We specialize in ‘need-focused’ training. Every exercise is custom-tailored to suit the needs of your body to ensure that you see consistent positive results from your training, and productively reach your goals.

Personalized Programs

We believe your training regime should be as multifaceted as you are. Our programs are 100% bespoke to you. We take your ability, lifestyle, age, medical history and desired fitness results into account and only program exercises that address your unique set of needs to secure exercise effectiveness.

Total Body Approach

We get your heart pumping, muscles working and whole body moving with our signature Total Body Training Method . We strategically combine cardio with weight training, mobility and flexibility work to give you a balanced and complete workout that stimulates and challenges you, as it ignites you with strength and youthful energy.


We only prescribe exercises that we know will work for your body. Our team of exercise specialists research and test every exercise that we program. Each is backed by scientific-evidence, time-tested, and proven by our team of experts to deliver consistent and measurable improvements to your movement, strength, endurance, posture and physical form.

Strategic Progressions

We get you sweating, but never push you to the point of injury. Instead, we strategically progress your training program to keep you safe and ensure that you don’t hit any plateaus. The result? Consistent, and noticeable, improvements to the way you look and feel.

Expert Instruction

Exercise is not a hobby for us, it’s a career. Our team of specialists consists of Kinesiologists, Exercise Specialists, Pilates Instructors and Coaches. Our specialists are university educated, experienced, fitness professionals who specialize in safe, effective, goal-driven training to ensure that you’re getting the highest quality coaching available.

Guaranteed Safety

We address injuries and sore spots, we don’t cause them. We keep you free from injury by customizing each exercise to your body. We are mindful of your needs and only program exercises that are appropriate for your ability and physical condition. If you have a specific pain point, we use therapeutic exercises to strengthen the area and ensure that problems don’t occur again in future.

Truly Holistic Training

You don’t just get one exercise specialist, you get a full team of professionals working for you. From program design to our exercise room floor, we put our heads together to give you a comprehensive 360°exercise program that addresses all of your needs. The benefit? An efficient, effective, total body training experience that is uniquely your own.

Your training experience should be uniquely you

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