Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Strengthen Your Team and Corporate Culture

Our Corporate Health & Wellness Programs help to establish a company’s brand, foster goodwill and engagement within teams, and are instrumental in employee recruitment and retention.

One of the greatest shifts in Vancouver’s corporate world has been a growing commitment to employee wellness incentives and programs. Companies of all sizes are discovering that investing in the fitness and wellness of employees delivers many benefits and makes great business sense.

We offer fully customizable programs for companies of all sizes and budgets including group fitness classes, lunch-and-learns, wellness workshops, executive team personal training packages, and more.

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“Our company has a corporate membership with Le Physique. The service they provide us has really brought my team together. We work with the same unison, coordination and corporation that we get when we workout. The team relationships at Le Physique have more than changed our work environment. We solve problems with our gym buddies, not just colleagues anymore. How great is that, that the guy covering my back at work is the same guy who’s got my back at the gym.”

Kosala Amarasinghe | Monkey Media

The Benefits

Companies that have adopted our Corporate Health & Wellness Programs have seen:

  • Increased employee efficiency and productivity
  • Improved company morale, loyalty, buy-in, and team spirit
  • Reduced employee stress levels
  • Improved employee mental health and wellness
  • Reduced absenteeism from sick days and other healthcare costs
  • Increased top talent
  • Improved employee retention

Increase Productivity at Your Office