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Increase Your Fitness With Personal Training

Being fit is about more than being able to complete a workout. You need strength, mobility and endurance for everything you do.

Your optimal fitness means having fewer limitations and greater ability to live the life you want, now, and for years to come. We facilitate that with our integrated and personalized approach to fitness and exercise.

Your needs, goals, and body are completely unique and we ensure you are treated as such. At the end of the day, you want to feel and be your best self. As your personal exercise specialists, it’s our job to chart your course, provide the tools you need to see consistent and measurable results, and strategically coach you until we have reached your personal finish line.

Go Beyond the Typical Personal Training Experience

Our team of university-educated kinesiologists and experienced healthcare professionals are dedicated to helping you realize life-long results. We work collaboratively to get you there in an environment that is tailored-to-you.

Personal Training in Vancouver is More Than a Trend

Personal Training is fun at Le Physique!

We believe that fitness should be enjoyable and sustainable. That’s why our workouts are not only effective but also engaging and fun. We incorporate a variety of exercises and training techniques to keep you motivated and challenged. From strength training to cardio workouts, functional movements to yoga sessions, we offer a wide range of options to ensure you never get bored or stuck in a plateau.

But our support doesn’t end at the gym. As part of our comprehensive approach, we provide nutritional guidance and lifestyle coaching to help you make lasting changes beyond the workout sessions. Our experienced trainers will educate you on proper nutrition and healthy eating.

Personal Training Benefits

Beyond helping you gain strength, endurance, mobility, and optimize your health, our Integrated Personal Training can also help with:

  • Sport-specific conditioning
  • Pre and postnatal fitness
  • Pain management
  • Postural assessment and core training
  • Weight loss and fat loss
  • Muscle gain and hypertrophy
  • Strength training for runners
  • Biomechanical analysis to prevent injury
  • Bootcamp and circuit workouts
  • Home program/gym design

Our Process

We integrate the personal training experience so that you can live your life to the fullest.

We start with you. To get you to your finish line, we start with an in-depth consultation. We’ll uncover, discuss and assess your health history, past routines, injuries, motivations, personal preferences, lifestyle, and anything else pertaining to your health fitness.

Once we have a clear picture of your starting point, our team of experts will work together to formulate your personal fitness plans. Each plan is unique-to-you and designed to expedite your fitness goals, optimize your overall health, and position you for longevity – while addressing you specific needs.

The next step is to put the plan in motion, literally.

Each and every training session is led by an experienced fitness expert who specializes in the specific exercise style being coached (ie. strength training, HIIT, cardio, Pilates, Yoga, etc.)

  • We tailor the equipment to your needs and preferences before you arrive;
  • guide you through each exercise with clear verbal and tactile cues;
  • answer your questions (when you have them);
  • offer motivation and added encouragement;
  • make adjustments to your form or equipment when needed;
  • and provide you with exercise modifications to ensure your safety.

The result? A workout that is as safe and effective as it is rewarding and fun.


Personal Training Rates

60 minute Cross Training session (30 cardio / 30 kinesiology) – packages from $60 / session

75 minute Focus Training session (15 cardio / 60 kinesiology) – packages from $110 / session

Contact us to help determine which session type is best for your needs


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