Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

Loss of healthy muscle contraction can cause pain, impaired motion, decreased performance capacity, and the loss of basic physical capabilities. The loss can be very subtle; many people don’t know that this is the root of their problems until they are evaluated by a professional.

Muscle Activation Techniques, or M.A.T. (not to be confused with mat Pilates) non-invasively evaluates and helps muscle regain health, restores normal movement, and reestablishes function by balancing the muscular system. The system is formatted to “jumpstart” the muscles in order to help them function with maximum efficiency.

While M.A.T. is well known in the United States and in eastern Canada, Le Physique’s Gillian is one of only three M.A.T. Certified Specialists in Vancouver, trained and certified to perform these application techniques to the body. At Le Physique, M.A.T. has helped restore optimal motion/regain normal function for professional athletes from Seattle to local clients with neuropathies (and everyone in between).


M.A.T. helps you gain strength for all you do by helping with:

  • Realigning muscular imbalances
  • Addressing joint instability
  • Improving limitations in range of motion
  • Restoring function and strengthening weak muscles.


What our clients think of M.A.T:

I can feel the changes in my body immediately, and have made more progress in two months than I have in the past ten years. I highly recommend Muscle Activation Techniques with Gillian to anyone with stubborn injuries or muscle imbalances and is looking for effective and lasting treatment that will allow them to finally restore and rehabilitate the body.

Andrea Karr, BCom (Hon), LLB

Gain strength for all you do.

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