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Tired of being a zombie?

Sleep.  Something I love to do, yet seem to have a difficult time making myself do before 9:30pm.  When my alarm clock goes off at 4am, suddenly, I realize that going to bed at 11:30pm wasn’t such a bright idea. […]

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Train the Trainer

Thank you for helping us raise over $1000 for Ascent for Alzheimer’s, in supporting two of our clients climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this September!  Photos and videos (more coming soon) courtesy of our clients and Eleanor Marsh at www.ejphotography.zenfolio.com!

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Are you living healthy?

Today, we’re sharing with you our top 10 tips for healthy living I know what you’re thinking…this is going to be 10 tips that you know you SHOULD be doing and it includes boring stuff like  “pretend you’re a hamster […]

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