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5 Tips Before Hitting a Hiking Trail

As the snow melts and the sun rises, Vancouverites don hiking boots instead of ski boots and conquer Vancouver’s mountains by foot. Hiking is an ever-growing summer activity to locals and visitors alike looking for a good workout and an […]

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Top 3 Issues for Runners and How to Avoid Them

Daylight Savings Time was last week,which means longer days and warmer weather are quickly approaching. For fair weather runners, it’s the perfect time to put those winter boots away and bring out those runners you haven’t worn since last September. […]

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Healthy Hangover Cures

By Michelle Bayer and Nicole Yamanaka What is the ultimate hangover cure? Burnt toast? Deep fried and fatty foods? How do I have a good night of drinking, and still be able to function the next day? So many questions! […]

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