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Breathe into your Full Potential

Do You Breathe? Last week I took a Kundalini yoga class, a class that typically consists of many continuous repetitive movements (it really gets your heart and lungs working). About halfway through the class we’re all supercharged with body heat […]

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A calm work life

Since I started meditating several years ago, my work life has changed a lot. I find I am more calm, I also feel more supported and respected, and I know that’s largely from me changing how I react to life, due to […]

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10 easy time management tips

A long, long time ago, when I was young and attempting to balance full time university, a couple part time jobs and a million other things. Time management techniques? No way, I can handle it! I tried for months to […]

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3 Great Reasons to Meditate

Ahhhh, fall is here – fresh, cooler air, kids back in school, you’re learning to meditate…wait, what? Meditate? Seriously, the fall can feel like the start of a new year, and after years and years of school, I don’t think […]

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