A calm work life

Since I started meditating several years ago, my work life has changed a lot. I find I am more calm, I also feel more supported and respected, and I know that’s largely from me changing how I react to life, due to a little time spent learning to meditate. Of course stress still “happens,” but I’m quicker to see it when it does, and it’s easier to find a path out of it.Finding_Calm

Instead of just getting frustrated or irritated by things, I can see the bigger picture more of the time, and what I need to work on to create more ease. So it’s not all just about this other person or thing that’s causing me stress – there’s a reason why I’m experiencing it and there are things I can do to? actively? change my experience of the situation.

Give it a whirl… come check out my evening Lightwork meditation classes at Le Physique!

by Tiffany Robinson


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