Mushroom Coffee- Worth the Hype?

In case you haven’t heard, mushroom coffee is the latest health trend hitting the shelves of all of the health and nutrition stores here in Vancouver. Along with the effect of caffeine, mushroom coffee aims to add more health benefits for avid coffee drinkers.

The coffee is a combination of instant coffee grounds and mushroom extracts. These mushroom ingredients have been known to include antioxidants, improve immune, liver, and diabetic health. Also, as each packet only holds 40mg (compared 65-95mg in an average cup of coffee), the drink is advertised to help with focus, but prevent the often post-coffee jitters.

The girls of Le Physique filmed a little taste test, and as you can tell, we weren’t entirely convinced!

What are your thoughts on the mushroom coffee trend? Have you ever tried other health trends? Let us know in the comments!

Mika Fogelman- Client Care Manager

Mika is passionate about helping others in any way she can. Having danced since she was five years old, she discovered excitement for fitness through teaching Zumba dance fitness classes, and loves to help others develop their confidence through exercise.

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