Camping Tips for Beginners

In the midst of the summer season, you probably want to head out to the woods, canoe, or kayak to an island and set up camp there. If so, this is the perfect blog for you as we will go over some tips for camping.

Tip #1: Practice Setting Up Your Tent Before Going on Your Trip

The instructions on your tent might say that the setup time is only 5 minutes, but remember that you are not a professional yet! Make sure you practice setting up and dismantling your tent at home until you are comfortable. Knowing how to set up and dismantling your tent efficiently might just spare you and your friends enough time to enjoy the hot outdoors even more and engage in other fun activities.

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Tip #2: Bring Extra Padding for Your Sleeping Bag

If you set up on a bumpy surface, you will feel the individual rocks bulging through your turf and sleeping bag. To avoid this from happening, bring extra padding, such as extra towels, pillows, or inflatable air mattresses, which help cushion your body so that you won’t experience as much discomfort during your sleep or when you wake up. Doing this allows you to be more well-rested for the next day so you can enjoy wherever your camp activities to its maximum potential.

Tip #3: Bring Firewood and Campfire Starters

The campfire might just be the highlight of your camping trip. Typically, everyone surrounds the red flame to eat, socialize, and sing songs. The campfire is fueled by firewood at its base and is also your main source of heat and light at night, thus bringing firewood beforehand is essential if you want a create a campfire. Once you bring firewood, you need to a way to start the fire. Campfire starters contain step-by-step instructions, which will help get the fire going to get the night started.

We recommend checking with your campsite beforehand to see if there are any safety regulations or hazards around starting up campfires.

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Tip #4: Pre-make Meals and Snacks Ahead of Time

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have delicious, tasty meals! It might take more time to prepare the meals before your camping trip, but it is well worth the extra time. Some possible options are kebabs, pasta, or breakfast burritos. All you have to do when you bring them on your trip is wrap them in aluminum foil and place the pre-made meals over the campfire. For snacks, trail-mix is a very good option as it is easy to make, eat, and can be easily adjusted to your own liking.

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Tip #5: Carry Lighting and Batteries

Your campfire can’t last all night. Once your campfire dies, it will be pitch black. Make sure you pack multiple sources of light, such as lanterns and flashlights. By bringing the extra light, you will be able to see and not worry about walking around in the dark at night. But what if your flashlight dies? Fear not – you brought extra batteries that fit your flashlight. Another benefit of having an extra source of light is that your night does not have to come to an end if the fire dies – you can bring the lantern in the tent and continue your conversations and games!

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Tip # 6: Pack Extra Clothes for Layering

Pack extra clothes for the summer?! I know it may seem like a questionable tip for the hot outdoors, but unless you’re camping in the Caribbean or Tropics, huge temperature drops can occur at nighttime. While the temperature might seem fine when falling asleep in your sleeping bag, it is possible that you might wake up shivering. Thus, bringing extra clothes for layering yourself can help you stay warm in the middle of the night.

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Try out these camping tips and let us know whether they were effective for you.


Jeffrey Wu – Client Care Manager/Cardio Trainer

Jeff has been physically active ever since kindergarten and believes that enhancing overall health allows one to achieve their complete potential. He hopes to create an everlasting impact within the community by emphasizing the importance of consistent exercise routines, adequate nutrition and regular health checkups to create the brightest future possible.

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