Taking the Gondola down the Grouse Grind

Do you want to do the Grouse Grind, but are afraid of heights? Of course, the hike itself never shows you just how high you climb, but the gondola ride down can feel a little nerve wracking for some.  I’m not afraid of heights, but I do hate roller coaster rides and that gut dropping feeling makes me feel awful.

As a personal trainer, my team and I have taken dozens of people up the Grind, and some clients have had some nervous energy show up before getting on the gondola, but after their first experience, they relax and understand it is perfectly safe.  But I have had a few people share stories of hiking with friends that are deathly afraid of heights (hurray, they still made it!) and almost had a panic attack.

Worry not, the gondola ride is very safe, but I would suggest standing in the middle of the gondola, away from the windows (they pack you in pretty tightly) and the windows surround the entire car.  The more people that are on the gondola, a bit more sway occurs, the fewer people, a little less sway occurs.  The operator DOES give a quick debrief as they depart the upper deck but in the event that the chatter is too loud or the speakers are unclear, the tram sways only when going over the two towers.  The first tower has the biggest degree of sway and the second, lower tower has a bit less of a sway.

This video is just so you know what to expect on the gondola ride.  Don’t forget your $10 to get down!

Taking the Gondola down the Grouse Grind

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