Desk Yoga for work

Stress management is an important concern for employers and employees alike.  WIth a multitude of projects and deadlines on the go, de-stressing tips have to be quick and easy, or they fall by the wayside.

A little bit of desk yoga is a quick an easy way to solve a few problems:

  • helps keep your blood circulating
  • helps fight off post-lunch comas, brain fogginess
  • helps improve efficiency at work
  • gives the brain a break from sticky problems through increased blood flow – which can result in discovering a better solution, faster!
  • stretches out tight muscles and joints, such as the lower back, neck and shoulders
  • gives you a break from staring at a computer screen or being on the phone for too many hours.

Remember to breathe through each pose and instead of counting time, count 5 or 6 really deep breaths and wait until you feel your muscle relax and lengthen.  Go gently and take your time.

Drink water, as hydrated muscles respond better to movement, than dehydrated muscles. The bathroom breaks will be an added bonus.

Try these simple moves at your desk when you need a quick break.  And don’t worry about people wondering what you’re doing, they’ll likely be jealous that they’re missing out on the  benefits and want to join in!

(Download the stretches, including images, on our Le Physique Desk Yoga handy-dandy one page chart!)

Desk Dog

  1. Stand in front of your desk with your hands flat on the surface, toes 3-4 feet away
  2. Bending at your hip, imagine trying to get your head ‘below’ your shoulders
  3. Keep arms and legs straight
  4. Breathe comfortably
  5. Hold for about 4 deep breaths

Seated Pigeon

  1. Sitting tall, bend one leg so your foot rests on your other knee
  2. Gently push your bent knee towards the floor
  3. Hold for 30 – 45 seconds
  4. Perform stretches 1-2 times each side

Chair Cobra

  1. Ensure your chair is not on wheels and is stable
  2. Start with your hands on your chair, in a pushups position
  3. With straight arms, gently lower your hips, keeping your glutes tight
  4. Lengthen your spine and breathe

As with all stretches, stay within a pain free range of motion, such that you can easily breathe through each movement and feel comfortable (it IS for stress management, after all!). If you notice discomfort with any of these, check in with your personal trainer / kinesiologist. We may be able to help reposition you in a manner that is better for your body and joint angles.

Get your Le Physique Desk Yoga chart here!

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