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Straight Arm Pulldowns 101

In this video Le Physique’s personal trainers shows you how to do a straight arm pulldown. At first glance, this exercise may seem easy, but it’s actually a lot more difficult when done right.   Nicole: We are doing straight […]

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Are Fitness Assessments Important?

Nicole: Hey, happy fall. I’m Nicole. This is Gillian and we’d love to talk to you today about what is fitness testing. I’ve had a lot of people say ‘is this really necessary?’ Can we just get started in personal training?  […]

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How To Do Zoom Personal Training Sessions

The world is changing before our eyes and while some people have experimented Zoom or online personal training, it has never been bigger. Ever since COVID hit, Vancouver has forced the temporary closure of many gyms, community centers and personal […]

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kinesiologist vs physiotherapist

Kinesiologists vs Physiotherapists

Kinesiologist. What’s that?  It’s like a physiotherapist, right? Oh goodness, no…we’re different! But you both do active rehab and injury management. My cousin saw a kinesiologist after his car accident and got better. And my boss had a physiotherapist show […]

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