The Top 10 Vancouver Yoga Instructors To Follow On Social Media

Yoga is a great form of exercise no matter where you are in your fitness and health journey. It’s great if you want a spiritual practice, to improve flexibility, or if you want to strengthen your muscles. 

It’s easy to see why yoga has increased in popularity in the last couple of decades considering that its proven benefits include improving strength, balance, and flexibility, helping ease back pain, improving sleep, and benefiting heart health.  

So, for anyone that needs their yoga fix, this post will look at the top 10 Vancouver yoga instructors to follow on social media and get inspired in the process.  


Marcus Tong

Marcus Tong believes that yoga is the gateway to living a more peaceful life and the value of practicing yoga lies in when someone fully embraces their vulnerability and opens themselves up to transformation. He offers classes, workshops, retreats, and training. 


Mélanie Ladybase

Ladybase believes acro is a platform that gives people a wonderful way to practice trust, communication, and to build community. As such, she offers acro, movement, and yoga classes.   


Melissa Byrka

Melissa Byrka is a personal trainer and a passionate yoga teacher who wants to inspire the world by coaching clients to have a strong mind and a strong body. She offers a variety of programs and even has an app where people can enroll in one of her fitness programs. In addition, Melissa also offers private yoga classes.  


Brian Carew

Brian Carew is a yoga instructor, respiratory therapist, spiritual nomad, and founder of the movement crew. He is also a teacher on Movementflow where he offers a variety of programs and certifications while he also has an app where he presents courses.  


Sandra Gin

Sandra Gin started her yoga practice in 2008 and she qualified as a teacher in 2015. She teaches at a variety of locations in Vancouver and during the summer she also teaches free classes at Kits beach. 


Taylor Odobas

Taylor Odobas is a yoga teacher who also graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in April 2015. She lives in White Rock and she can often be found with her dog, Seymour. You can find her at Lotus Pedal. 


Slava Goloubov

Slava Goloubov dedicates himself to the pursuit of discovering the potential of the human body and thrives on taking his students on this journey with him. He is the founder of Movementflow where he teaches a variety of courses.


Oxygen Yoga 

Anybody who does Yoga in Vancouver knows about Oxygen Yoga. It is a yoga studio with multiple locations across Greater Vancouver that offers a variety of 60-minute yoga, fitness or Pilates classes which are all offered in an infrared heated room. 


Sarka Kocicka

Sarka Kocicka is grateful for the joy that yoga brings to her life and to the lives of so many others. She’s especially passionate to help evolve the practice of yoga to empower movement and balance in a modern lifestyle that’s filled with technology and sedentariness. 


Josephine Jacob

Josephine Jacob earned her 200 hours certification three years ago and has since completed her training as a children’s yoga teacher. As a result, she takes the concept of yoga for kids to new heights when she practices gravity-defying poses with her two sons. 


Final Thoughts

Practicing yoga helps provide a foundation to build good habits such as mindfulness, discipline, and self-care. With this list of the top 10 yoga instructors in Vancouver, it’s easy to get some inspiration, get active, and keep moving. 


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