How To find a Personal Trainer in Vancouver

In this blog post, we’re going to show you what to look for in a Vancouver personal trainer.

It’s been a beautiful summer, but as the season turns into fall and the weather cools, it’s time to get back to your regular training routine and that can mean hiring a personal trainer to help you recalibrate your fitness and health goals.  

As you well know, it can be hard to get back to a regular regiment, especially if you have had a laid back, relaxing summer, but a personal trainer can be just the thing to help you kickstart regular workouts. 

In this blog post, we are going to show you what to look for in a personal trainer in 5 easy steps:

STEP 1 – Find a Personal Trainer Who Specializes in Your Goals

Not all personal trainers are equal. It can be worth it to spend a little extra money on the right trainer to get you the right results. After all, what good is a trainer that just makes you do a hundred push-ups, a hundred sit-ups and then a hundred squats over and over again? Unless you’ve intentionally signed up for an intensive group Bootcamp, or if you have a special need, that type of training can do more harm than good. 

You want a personal trainer that properly motives you, corrects your form, and makes sure that you do not injure yourself.

Some of your goals may include: 

  • weight loss
  • To have more energy 
  • To build more muscle
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • To recover after an injury 
  • To compete for a marathon or triathlon
  • For Post Natal support and advice


Once you have established your main goal, you will be able to easily narrow down your search. 

Most personal trainers have specialty areas and based on your goals and purpose, you should pick a trainer that has background and experience in that area. 

Any good personal trainer will ask you your goals before you start to exercise and will adjust your routine based on your answer. Many personal trainers offer you a free consultation where they will ask you about your goals; it’s also a great time to ask them some questions as well. 

If you want to book in a free consultation please visit us HERE


STEP 2 – What Is The Personal Trainer’s Level of Experience?

Look for a personal trainer that is experienced in the area you want to focus on. For example, if you want to run a marathon, you’ll want to find a personal trainer that works with runners. If you want to become a world-renowned bodybuilder, it definitely helps to have a personal trainer who has been in competitions and specializes in bodybuilding. 


STEP 3 – What are the Personal Trainer’s  Qualifications? 

The qualifications of a personal trainer are important. Ideally, you want a personal trainer who has a degree in kinesiology as they have the highest qualifications. Obviously, a personal trainer who has an advanced degree knows how the body moves and can teach you the best exercise for your body better than someone who hasn’t been through the years of schooling. 

In addition, a great personal trainer continues to take courses to build their practical skill set which evolves over time as our knowledge and understanding about the human body continues to advance. There is always new information and new training techniques. 


STEP 4 – Location! Location! Location! 

Yes, location is an important factor. You want to find a gym that is close to your work or home. If a gym is inconvenient it can be easy to skip out after a long day at work. After all, you’re not likely to drive across town after a workday just to go to the gym, are you? 

However, having said that finding the perfect personal trainer might be worth being somewhat inconvenienced so don’t be deterred if you need to drive to the gym. It can be worth it! 


STEP 5 – Personal Trainer Reviews & Testimonials

Ask around to see who your friends and family are using as their personal trainer. They will likely give you an honest assessment and give you a few ideas that you hadn’t thought about yet. 

You will also want to check their online reviews, especially their Google rating but Yelp and Facebook reviews can also be an important indicator. Do your due diligence to ensure you get the best personal trainer for your needs by reading what others have said about them, keeping in mind what your goals are, and if the reviewer has stated what they have achieved and what they appreciate about the trainer.

At Le Physique, we have over 40 5-star Google reviews from happy clients who use our services on a weekly basis. You can check out what our clients say about us HERE



If you have found a personal trainer that is within your budget, has the right specialty area, knows your goals then you are on the right path. At Le Physique, we are a team of highly experienced kinesiologists that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Book a free consultation today and we’ll be happy to help you get fitter and healthier.

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