TEDxKidsBC – oh man!

I got to stand on the red dot!

I was incredibly honored to be asked to participate in the TEDx talk that came to Vancouver, nervous as all heck to speak, and inspired like crazy, with the brilliant minds that shared with us their stuff.

My goal at the event was to to wake up the brains and bodies of the participants, through making them communicate with each other (the brain and body, PLUS the participants with each other!).  Not always easy, especially on a weekend morning.  And have fun while we were at it!

Can I share something? I don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people.  Sure, I can do it without suffering from a heart attack, but some moments I really feel like I’m going to have one!  Alas, I’m so passionate about health and fitness that at time I will act like a goofball to get both MYSELF and the audience relaxed.  Despite the advice, I don’t pretend you’re all naked.  If I did,  think I would probably wonder why I was the oddball and what do I have to offer at a nudist convention…

If you haven’t noticed, I really like having fun!


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