Tips for Sun Run success

Hooray! The annual Vancouver Sun Run is coming!  Whether you are running it, jogging it, walking it, or cheering someone on, you want to be prepared for it.

Sun Run, make it fun!
Enjoy your Sun Run….or else!

Here 5 quick tips for these last couple of days before you hit the road for the run

Sun Run Success tip 1: Hydrate. Hydrate. Hyrdate.

I can copy and paste that as many times as it needs to make it stick. Stay hydrated, especially as the running day comes closer. However, do not drown yourself with water as that will not give you an advantage either. Drink enough so you can stay hydrated and circulate your electrolytes.

Sun Run Success tip 2: Is Carbo-loading necessary?

Many of you have probably heard of “carbo-loading” before a big race or game. This is true as you want enough glycogen storage for the big day. However, timing your “carbo-loading” is important. Eating a huge pasta meal the night before your race won’t be as effective as eating a pasta lunch and a regular sized pasta dinner. This gives your body time to digest the food and store it. Having a huge pasta dinner the night before will have your body spending the rest of the night and the morning of still trying to digest the food and not in time to be stored so it can use it during your race.

Sun Run Success tip 3: Rest 2-3 days before

If you schedule a practice run in the days before the race, not only will it not enhance your cardiovascular fitness for the race, it may even cause injury. Adequate rest is key! If you must, it’s okay to go for a short (2-3km) jog the day before if you really are itching to hit the road, but pushing a 8-10km run will only fatigue your body and lead to poor performance or possibly injury if you push yourself.

Sun Run Success tip 4: Wear footwear you know

Don’t bring out the new runners you recently purchased just for the race. Run in athletic shoes that you are comfortable in, and have good support. Here’s the catch, maybe you’ve been running in old, stinky “comfy as slippers” shoes all this time, and your partner or friends have been nagging you to get “proper footwear” – it would be my opinion that if you’ve been running injury free all this time in your favourite shoes, then do the Sun Run in them. If I had a time machine, I’d recommend going back in time and telling your newbie runner self to get new shoes a couple months before!). Remember you’ll be on your feet for a while and the last thing you want is blisters forming or an achy arch because you’re wearing new shoes.

Sun Run Success tip 5: What is this, prohibition?

Keep away from alcoholic drinks! Running hungover (or still drunk) is not safe or desirable. It will also dehydrate you. Stick with water the day and night before.


Have a fantastic run and see you out there!


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