Which Yoga is Right for You? Pt. 2

Now that we know some different types of yoga, we can see that no yoga class is created equal. If you’re hesitant about doing any physical activity with a health condition, yoga can be a great way to stay active, and these types of yoga can cater directly to your condition.

Anxiety? Try Bikram Yoga

It has been shown that Bikram yoga reduces cortisol levels and therefore decreases the body’s stress response. A special breathing portion unique to Bikram yoga called pranayama has calming effects. Done at the very beginning of class, pranayama forces the participant to slow down and deepen the breath, resulting in a relaxing state.

Heart Disease? Try Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga, with its fast pace and aerobic poses, can help improve many factors related to heart disease. Ashtanga can improve cardiovascular health by boosting blood circulation, increasing lung capacity, and improving heart rate. Yoga also reduces stress, which plays a factor in blood pressure.

Injured? Try Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga focuses on body posture alignment and strength. Each pose is held for a long period of time, but the use of props helps alleviate pressure on joints. This reduces pain and fatigue of the body by keeping the poses within the body’s boundaries yet builds strength, stability, and flexibility. By focusing on precision, Iyengar is less likely to cause further injury, as an instructor keeps a careful eye on every pose.

Premenstrual Syndrome? Try Vinyasa Yoga

Bloated, sore, cramped, or cranky? Vinyasa yoga just may be your solution! Although instinct may be to curl up in bed and eat a chocolate bar while you are on your cycle, getting active will help relieve PMS symptoms. As Vinyasa flows through a variety of poses, blood flow through your body increases, helping oxygenated blood reach the reproductive organs. Yoga has been shown to release endorphins, elevating your mood decreasing stress, further helping relieve those time-of-the-month symptoms.

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Mika Fogelman – Client Care Manager

Mika is passionate about helping others in any way she can. Having danced since she was five years old, she discovered excitement for fitness through teaching Zumba dance fitness classes, and loves to help others develop their confidence through exercise.

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